Tuesday, November 30, 2010

for lack of a better title.

this mornings weight: 139.5 (yay!)
todays emotions: happy, with pinches of down (i wouldnt call it sad... just down)

i didnt get up again,
im thinking im going to have to redo this schedule thing.
because i am definitly a night owl...
even if i went to sleep early yesterday (11pm)

so today i went to dance!
for the first time in a very long time. (:
im glad i started again.
i feel so much happier,
because its part of my life now,
i knew i was missing something,
dance partly fills the gap that ice skating has left in my heart.

**edit: had a monster (20) plus a couple bites of random things (15ish?)

intake: 385 cal.
outtake:-250 cal (approx, what does about one hour of jazz burn... beats me)
total: 135 cal.

until tomorrow, ladies. (:


1 comment:

  1. jazz? that sounds like fun:)! dancing is a really good workout.
    139.5? jealous!!