Monday, November 15, 2010


im about to go through a frikken breakdown. ive fasted for 25 hours. and ivve only lost .5 lb. what is wrong with me? am i doing something wrong? yesterday all i had was a bunch of water, a cup of tea, and two cups of coke zero. and then on top of that, i took a walk (-75). i dont get it. why am i failing?


because im about to break.


  1. You could be at one of those really annoying plateaus. And if you have been drinking loads of liquids, especially water, it could be that.
    Don't break! You've been doing so amazingly well fasting for 25 hours.

    Stay strong xxx

  2. maybe its just water weight love
    you will drop more weight sooon

  3. I promise you my dear, you are not failing.
    It will take time, but it will be worth the while.
    Ride it out, you'll get where you want soon, I promise you.
    I hope you're alright, x.

  4. well, this may sound kind of gross....
    but have you had a bowel movement recently? Could easily be that.

    Also it could just be water weight. This happened to me a week or two ago. Except I actually gained .6 pounds in 2 days, eating 200 calories!! The body is a very weird thing, if you keep up the good work you will lose. Just don't eat tons when you're done with your fast, keep it light.

    Don't break. You got this.