Wednesday, November 3, 2010

beautiful, inside and out.

thats what i want to be.

i think i might have broken up with my boyfriend... maybe?

so from now on, i have to focus on what i put into me, what i put out (meaning words, actions, and emotions), and how i look.

all the single ladies? haha.

i have rekindled my love for apples.
they're just so lovely and munchy.
i think the kind i have now is honey crisp apples?
something like that.

i may start a raw foods diet.
whats more natural and good for you than raw fruits and vegetables.
its the best thing you could put into yourself.
and so obviously you can get the most out of it.

but my problem is... my parents dont really buy fruits and veggies.
on account that we normally eat awfully.
... heres what i think we have:
3 apples (80)
grape tomatoes (half a package)
and pickles.
maybe some potatoes.
thats hardly enough for a regular healthy diet.
but i can have a salad at school... then i dont know.

personal life update:
i dont know what im doing anymore.
i just want to fuck everything up.
destroy every friendship i have and live a solitary life.
but i would go crazy.
because then i would have to spend my time at home.
which is worse.
i proposed a break with my long distance boyfriend.
but hes like i love you and laadeedaaddeedaa.
he just made me angry. and sad.
im sick of crying. and im tired of him.
idk, and i think two of my friends like me.
W and C. i dont really like W... but hes nice.
and i like C... enough... but hes eternally grounded.
on account of getting alcohol poisoning on friday.
but ive heard from two of his friends that he pretty much likes me.
but i dont know. no one deserves to like a fat whale.
but i did fb creep on his ex. haha. ... i have no frikken life.
well thats it.

like the new way of blogging?
im bored. (:


stay strong, lovely, and healthy dears. (:

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  1. Love I do hope your life gets better xx
    Boys can be so stupid sometimes :P
    Stay Strong