Monday, February 28, 2011

vlog and a challenge

hello guys!
i just wanted to say thank you very much in person.
i love all of you.

im also going to begin a challenge
(one of those 30 day tumblr challenges)
once i get down to an acceptable weight that i can share without cringing.

i finished wasted by marya hornbacher.
i liked it.
does anyone know where i can get unbearable lightness online?
like to read for free?

i couldnt sleep last night,
so i made a word document listing a bunch of drinks.
like coffee drinks, and then foods.
places that my friends and i go to.
everything i may order off their menus.
including some soy options for when i go vegan.
it was time consuming, but i feel slightly accomplished.

[[edit:: remind me never to eat after 10 pm. damn.]]

everyone, have a lovely day. (:


  1. stay strong dear! you can accomplish anything!! your never alone!

    XOXO. A<3

  2. Love your vlogs <3
    you have the prettiest smile! I think you're gorgeous!

    Okay, enough of my fawning over you. Haha good luck with your new plans!


  3. You're gorgeous girl! Your teeth look good btw:)

    You can complete your challenge! I am starting something semi-similar on Monday. Basically just stay the F away from fast food and really any fatty foods during the weekend (my biggest down fall time). Good luck, I know you can do it! It's getting warm here too and it's scaring the shit out of me!!

  4. you're sooo cute! ahh!
    good job on the intake today! 300 is AWESOME.
    i'll do ten days binge free with you. i don't have money to buy myself anything though lol. skinny will be my reward? hahhhh.

    again, GOOD JOB OMG. keep it up :)

  5. You are so so GORGEOUS! I think I said it before but I just can't help myself.
    Good luck with your challenge! :) I think I'm going to join you even though there is no reward other than skinny waiting for me. I also want to start with your daily exercise routine (I actually started yesterday), it sounds great.
    I love you. A lot.

    ~ Meg

  6. You're so beautiful, Sofia! I'll join you in the challenge. I want to eat light and not drink for 10 days. Hope you have a great week, my darlin'! <3. XXX.

  7. You can get light soy milk, rice milk, almond milk (or any nut milk), oat milk. Maybe they'll be more to your liking? xxx

  8. hey love,

    check your local library for unbearable lightness. i'm in the middle of reading it right now (when i get some f-ing time!!!) and it's really good.

    also, you are so ADOREABLE!!! The world should make dolls of you and they would sell....BIG TIME.


  9. Loving the vlog. As has already been mentioned, you are beautiful :)
    I would also buy a sofia doll! lol
    No bingeing, 10 days, we can do this.

  10. You havve such pretty eyes :)
    You could probably download it as a pdf and read it on your pc. But the library is probably more convinient because you can read it anywhere.
    Good luck on your 10 day challenge. It'll pass so quickly if you set your mind to it xx

  11. Good luck on the challenge :)
    Loved the excitedness when you remembered about the braces, I was the same when I got mine off haha. It feels so different doesn't it haha.
    anywho, good luck xx

  12. You are so freaking adorable, you know that?
    You have such beautiful eyes... <3

    I'm in with you! Ten days.. :) and I'll buy a pair of shorts also... It's always good when people are there to support you.

    Stay strong, Little sistah! =3

  13. I really enjoy your blags haha. Where did u read wasted?? Or did you own the book?

    GOODLUCK with the Challenge, Sofia!!!!

  14. Yay for no braces!!! YOU ARE SO EFFING PRETTY.