Saturday, February 5, 2011

an experiment!

i know i dont post as much as i used to,
and for the, i apologize.
but this is something i need to do.

so a challenge!
for myself, and well, whoever.
we often find ourselves preoccupied with numbers.
i am, too, and since i absolutely adore torturing myself im doing this.
im not weighing myself this week.
i will just live each day to the best of my abilities.
and then friday morning i will weigh in again.

for example,
i was planning on fasting today.
but after burning 650 calories at the gym
and the 80 cal walk home,
i decided to allow myself a protein bar.
not the healthiest thing.
but i just needed something small.
and im still in the negatives,
and very much so.

wish me luck?
i apologize for not commenting,
ive been trying to read them,
but my mind is truly elsewhere.

i hope i figure this out soon.
for me, and for all of you lovely ladies.

i love you all, quite dearly.


  1. good job on the negative intake! and good luck with the challenge too :)

  2. nice burn at the gym :)
    you'll figure it out girl! and the not weighing yourself thing is a good idea because your day-to-day weight can fluctuate and that can bring you down. now you can just focus on intake/burn. thats what matters :)
    good luck!

  3. Good luck gorgeous! You'll probably be delightfully surprised when you weigh yourself at the end of the week!

  4. hello! I think your blog is cute!
    goOdluck! <3

  5. goodluck!
    you'll be amazing. x

  6. Hey, dollface!

    That is a brilliant idea! I wouldn't be surprised if you see results. Weightloss is not only physical, but psychological too. If you are constantly stressing about not losing, you won't lose. Let go and let your body do the work!

    I'm glad you're taking time for yourself. Will catch up with you when you're ready. Best of luck! <3. XXX.

  7. Girl, you're doing fine!

    You should definitely take a stab at knitting! It's really relaxing and you end up with something fun in the end. As for the goat cheese - I'm surprised you haven't had it, I remember reading somewhere that you're Eastern European (Russian??) and I feel like people all over Europe are into goat cheese :) Anyway, I highly recommend trying it, the brand Chavrie is really yummy - great on crackers or fruit! A+ on the commitment to go vegan in a month - you have my full support!

  8. I love the not weighing yourself for a while idea. I was gonna buy scales but then i realised it would make me work harder if i only weighed myself at the gym twice a week :)

  9. I wish I could go days without weighing! I think being able to see a larger weight loss would be more exciting. Good luck:) just hide your scale somewhere :p

  10. I love the idea. I think I will join you in your challenge. Or I'll try my best. It is not easy for me, because I need to see the numbers. That's about how masochistic I am. But I will try. And I think it will be a better thing than stepping in scale 5 times a day.
    Your negative intake is so inspirational.
    Stay strong

    ~ Meg

  11. I think I am going to join you on ur challenge!!!
    I weigh myself too much and need to stop! But I move out on saturday so I AM weighing myself then haha!
    Well done on the negative intake love!!! I wish I was as strong as you xxx

  12. Nice burn! I wish I could do that - - but I fail at going to the gym. :) sad but true.

  13. Awesome on the negative cals! And good luck for the next week sans scales, I don't think I could do it! (Slight mental spasm thinking about it.) But I know that you can, and it's a great idea!! <3