Saturday, February 12, 2011


i want to be consumed by this life again,
i dont need anyone else.
i dont want to think about my lack of social life,
i just want to disappear.
12 am. est. 2/12. i fast.

when i weighed in this morning i was 129.
sorry if that happened to you as well.
i hate food.


  1. i know how u feel. **staystrongg

  2. Oh Sofia, I want to come and hug you right now. I am so sorry your beautiful head is full of negative feelings and unfortunately I know it more than well. Stay who you are and your life will be resolved. Just have your goal in your mind and do whatever you can to achieve it.
    Be safe darling <3

    ~ Meg

  3. It did happen to me as well! My weight is really working on my last nerve!

    My thoughts are with you, Sofia. The new week will bring better things for both of us. All the best for your fast. <3. XXX.

  4. Love, just think of it as a bonus weekend allowance, ok? On Monday, you'll get back on track, I have faith in you :).

    Stay strong and keep us posted!
    Lots of love,

  5. Goodluck. I feel crazy every time I wish someone goodluck as they're about to begin a fast.
    But honestly? Right now, I want to fast for weeks and weeks and weeks.
    So, goodluck to you.