Saturday, February 19, 2011

ze new rulez.

three days of binging and i need to set myself up to a good plan.
yesterday, i realized... i havent lost any weight for an entire month.
this has to change.

this is my plan for the next week. starting today (friday) to next friday.
1. calories under 500.
2. water, water, water.
3. no eating after 8 pm. (brush your teeth then, sofia).
4. dont just eat. plan, count, and think.
5. never eat everything on your plate, leave two or three bites untouched.
6. this isnt really a rule but: that found isnt gong to magically disappear of the face of the earth, there will always be more, and it will be there when you're skinny, so do yourself a favor and wait until then because otherwise you'll be fat forever.
7. go to sleep early (10ish), wake up early (6ish), go for a morning run. my neighborhood is 2 miles. and that takes me like 20 minutes because im slow. but nonetheless, i need to start that running program i said i was going to.

so today i successfully accomplished:
1 (with 375cal), 2 (chuggin water), and 6.
its a start. number 7 wont actually apply to the next week since im on holiday,
but i would like to start a better sleeping schedule.

im feeling lonely.
like, it just hit me.

tomorrow i get my braces off,
and then i get a facial,
and maybe later a pedicure.
i must also pack tomorrow,
for i am leave for washington d.c. on sunday.
i hope the hotel has a gym... and internetz.

i had the most amazing dinner tonight.
lettuce wraps.
a slice of vegan bologna, 1/2 slice of vegan rice cheese, and a little mustard inside a romaine leaf.
twas delish! i had two. (:
i was supposed to be fasting, but a good day of restricting is good as well.
i need to get in a fasting day soon though.


  1. More water, more sleep and not eating after 8? I most certainly approve! All the best for your new plan. I think a little bit of structure will stand us all in good stead! I will join you next week in a more structured and restrictive lifestyle!

    Hope the braces removal goes well. I remember the day I had mine removed. It was nasty, all that yanking! Afterwards, I felt like I had been released from prison! 2 years of painful orthodontic reconstruction is like a prison sentence! I still fear the dentist. What's the difference between a dentist and a sadist? The dentist has better magazines!

    I've been feeling dreadfully lonely too. Trying to keep my mind busy so as not to think about it too much. Hope next week is better. Enjoy your holiday, Babe!

    Oceans of love. <3. XXX.

  2. the running sounds good. I need to do that too. but your plan sounds awesome, and I know you can do it!!!

    have fun in washington dc!

  3. Yay for getting your braces off!! I still remember that--it was like the best day of my life at the time...

    Good luck with the new plan, and I hope you have a good time in Washington DC! <3

  4. Have a good time, and good luck with the plan :D
    You really do inspire me <3 xxx

  5. It's sounding great! And definitely awesome that you get your braces off. That'll be the best.
    Have fun in Washington DC!
    Keep it up babe! :D

  6. I definitely approve
    annndddddd congrats on the braces! that is awesome! weoo

  7. Last three days have been bad for me too.

    Your rules sound awesome. You can stick to them. <3
    And facials and pedicures are the best. Have fun :) <3

  8. i'm gonna follow your plan, k? :) 'cept i'll do my running after school. mornings are not my time lol.