Thursday, February 10, 2011


i need a bit more structure,
because the eating whenever i feel like it,
whatever i feel like eating obviously isnt working.

so i plan a better tomorrow!
B: 1/2 packet oatmeal (55)
S: clementine (35)
L: salad (70)
S: apple (80)
D: soup&salad (80)
subject to change ofc. but basically...

to anyone who isnt weighing with me:
how are you doing?
personally, im getting really paranoid that im gaining.
i feel like im expanding,
but i dont have numbers to make sure.
so idk if im doing anything right eekkkk.
anyways, i want to have a good restricting day before weighing in.
good luck. (:

still feeling slightly abandoned.
kinda like a lost puppy...

what i will become....


  1. My scale is kind of broken, so the only time I get to weigh myself is when I'm at the in-laws. Sadly that only happens once every one or two weeks. It KILLS me. I need a new scale asap.

    Also, the thick blond in the 3rd picture, it really bothers me that her bow is off-center. Egh.

  2. heyy just a quick tip i read online. people who weigh themselves daily tend to lose more weight then people who dont because the subtle changes motivate you that day. If you have an off day and you see it on the scale the next day you're more apt to restrict better that day. and if you have a good day and you see that on the scale you'll be motivated to keep going.
    yet if you dont weigh yourself daily then those little off days you wont notice, and they could turn into gaining of more than one pound, which, inturn, is harder to get rid of.

    just sumthin i readd, thought it made sense.
    **staystrong, you can do it!

  3. The girl in the third picture, the one on the left, is so disturbing somehow...
    I am really frustrated with all this non-weighing challenge and feel very paranoid, just like you. I bet on Friday I'm going to step on the scale at least 15 times, just because I can (:
    Good luck <3

    ~ Meg

  4. Not weighing in either. Too terrified. I think I've gained all my weight back and more. Typical. god, I'm such a loser. Why can't I just die already?!

    Your meal plan looks great. Nice healthy choices! Hope you have a good day. <3. XXX.

  5. i'm def still weighing in constantly lol.

    but i only use a legit scale on saturdays, so technically i don't know my real weight all week.

    your meal plan looks good :) you WILL become thin.

    just keep your control, the numbers will go down.


  6. That sounds like a good plan.
    I haven't weighed-in in awhile and it's because I KNOW I've gained :(

    I am starting anew though and fasting today till tomorrow.

    We can do it.

  7. I love the pictures, alot.
    Your plan sounds good- just make sure you stick with it.

    I feel the same way. It's like i'm slowly expanding into an elephant. I mean, I like elephants, but if I were to look like one, i'd die. Fuckfuckfuck.

  8. Bleh I completely understand, I need more structure too..I've been eating like a lady pregnant with triplets (seriously). I crave, I eat. I drink, I eat.

    I haven't weighed in TWO days-thats a huge deal for me. I definitely feel like I'm expanding...I know I am in fact. I put on a shirt that had gotten to large for me and it felt like it wasn't as big anymore.... I freaked out a little.

    Your plan sounds good though:) It's hard to have such a structure eating time and certain foods now that I'm on the go 24/7. Whenever you weigh yourself friday though I'm sure the numbers will go down and it'll be well worth the wait :)

  9. Oh, gosh. GORGEOUS thinspo!!!

    And not weighing? That would probably be healthier for me... but I too would be paranoid about gaining. Ack.

  10. I havent weighed myself since monday when i hit the gym and im scared i've gained. I can see it in the mirror :(
    I dont trust the gym scale anyway because it changes all the time. Im gonna get my own digital one.
    Stay strong girl and you're gonna love the numbers you see next time you weigh yourself :)

  11. I only weigh on "good days" (like when I've gone 3+ days without pigging out). That way I don't actually see how much I gain on the bad days...