Tuesday, March 1, 2011


im gonna be honest with you and say i haven't started yet,
tomorrow will be the first official day of my ten day challenge,
im also going vegan tomorrow...
oh, and i can drink soda again,
which should make fasting quite a bit easier.

thank you to everyone complimenting me on my vlog.
i really love you guys.


  1. yeah, i was supposed to start ABC today, but it just.. didnt happen. and tomorrow is a whole new month. you can do it. :)

  2. Tomorrow is a brand new month and it will be a great month, you can make it a great month. W'll all be here every step <3

  3. I'm so jealous you're going vegan tomorrow (or technically today now).. I want to so bad but the grocery stores around me SUCK so bad, they really don't even have any vegetarian friendly stuff..it sucks:(

    Once again, good luck on your 10 day challenge! you got this:)

  4. Lub chuuu too. :)

  5. The beautiful thing is that it is a new month - fresh start, no mistakes. You absolutely can do this because that is how strong you are.
    I love you dear.
    Stay strong

    ~ Meg

  6. I'm excited to hear about your vegan experience, you make me feel inspired to become at least a vegetarian lol. Good luck!! <3

  7. Yay you! I just went vegan a week and a day ago and the difference already shows. Comment on my blog if you need any help finding nutrition-packed foods for low calories.

    One idea is Gnu bars, which have 130 calories but HALF your fiber for the day and are natural AND vegan! :)

  8. Good luck with going vegan, I'm vegetarian and hope to make the swithc soon :)

    ~ Harlow