Sunday, February 27, 2011

ive figured it out.

i feel alone.
i feel lonely.
(yes its different.)
i feel empty.
im trying to fill the emptiness i feel with food.
and that is just making it worse.

i dont know how to fix it.

it doesnt matter whether im at home alone,
or whether im with a bunch of people.
i always feel...


oh, and fat.


  1. Oh Sofia.
    I know how it is to be lonely.
    And it is, it's different; sometimes I can be alone, and be happy.
    But when you're lonely... That's something else.
    Fill yourself with happiness; surround yourself with it.
    Fill yourself with the smiles of others around you, drink in their light and warm your skin in the yellow of the sun.
    Just, be okay.

  2. i know the feeling.
    things will eventually get better. it will take time though.

    i've been filling the spaces and uncomfortable feelings with food... which just makes everything a thousand times worse. so lets not do that.

    it'll be okay. :)

  3. Oh love,
    We are all so alone sometimes.
    I wish that that would make it okay, that we all understand being lonely, being alone when you're surrounded by people, that in knowing we are not alone in that feeling made it better.
    Pick a song, a happy one of sorts, fill yourself with its lyrics, live them. Dance like noone's watching.
    Most of all, keep on surviving. It has to be okay. It just has to.

  4. I know exactly how you feel - don't forget that we all are here for you! You can vent on here any time you want, and we'll listen.
    I often feel lonely - there's no one offline that I can really talk to, not about certain subjects, anyway. That's why finding another outlet is so important, like spending time on here, or throwing yourself into something else, like helping other people with their problems, spending more time on house/home work or something else. I drown myself in music all the time and it makes me better.
    Stay strong sweetie, we understand you. x

  5. We've all been there, but it'll get better, you can always talk/rant to us, and I always find that music makes me feel better
    Stay strong xxx

  6. Do something you love. Bake up a storm! Combat this feeling with activity rather than too many wandering thoughts. You have the stregnth to beat this.

  7. I wish I knew how to fix it, so I could fix it for you. <3 Hopefully one day we'll figure out a way to fill it the emptiness with something more positive, rather than with food that still leaves the same hollow empty feeling....