Monday, February 14, 2011

losing battle.

i cant seem to get into the kick of things.
my fast ended early... about 13 hours early.
help me get lost,
i need to lose control.

i swear,
im giving in.

im not even thin, not even close.

but i will be.


  1. I must say, when I started reading this post, I was a little worried about you. I'm pleased you signed off on a positive note. I'm here for you, I support you and I'm your biggest fan! Great thinspo, Babe! <3. XXX.

  2. I haven't been able to fast for a couple months, I always break them early & it drives me mad. Something that once used to be so easy has all the sudden gotten difficult? Sometimes it feels like things are going backwards but you have in fact been losing... keep up the good work & you'll make it to your goal.

    <3 the pictures:)

  3. You just said exactly what was on my mind, loving those pictures, especially the one of the girl on the chair
    Stay strong darling xx

  4. it's really really hard, but you know you did it once, you CAN do it again! just stick with it, and i know you'll get there!

    beautiful thinspo, btw. i love leg warmers. <3

  5. I'm in exactly the same boat. We'll get through this, lovely. Stay strong and determined. [:

  6. you can do it hun. don't be too hard on yourself x

  7. you're so motivated, I know you'll get there.
    Just be okay; don't lose yourself entirely, you're much too wonderful a person.

  8. Even if you fasted for a short while, it's better than nothing. Fasting is really hard! You will lose the weight dear, don't be so hard on yourself

  9. P.S. Running is another thing that just takes practice, I used to run the way you do too... I just do it often and have continued to improve, which keeps me extra motivated... you can do it!