Thursday, February 17, 2011

topsy turvy.

spin me round,
let me go,
let me fly,

how are you guys?
im walking the line,
wobbling back and forth between extremes.
im trying to do this better.
trying to stay under 500 today.
which i probably will,
it not that hard now that all the desserts are gone.
(my bad)

i feel like my tummy is back to its massively bloaty state.
a lot of cardio for sofia today!

on an unrelated note,
my skin is being sucky,
i wore a pretty dress today,
my ex best friend complimented me,
and im relatively not tired.

i will be a twig.
well, speaking of which,
the other day at the gym i saw a (most likely) model at the gym,
i could help but stare.
she was so beautiful and tiny.
one day, ill make people jealous. i will.

p.s. totally failed today, but ill update you tomorrow on what im going to do about it. <3>


  1. yay for pretty dresses! I bet you looked amazing in it too :)

  2. my stomach is being all bloatish too. i hate it so much.
    stay strong hun and it will happen for u x

  3. Welcome back:)
    That fourth picture is one of my all time favorite thinspo pictures ever! I love it.

    Hope you're doing well!

  4. Of course you will. You're so strong, you'll make it.