Monday, February 21, 2011

i know why i havent been posting so much.

ive been binging.
and whenever i binge... i feel bad.
and i cant post.

but never fear!
im coming back!
with a 50 hour fast.
2/21/11 at 12 pm-2/23/11 at 2 pm.

i can do this.
i wish i could text my friends from here...
but my phone broke!
i wanted to text all of you this morning!
but when i fix it, you'll be the first to know.
i need your help. :P

i will be skinny this summer.
actually, by spring break.
we can do this.


  1. Sorry to hear about your phone. Hope it gets sorted soon. I miss our chats!

    I'll join you in a 50 hour experiment in minimalism! I'll take my normal intake and halve the portions! Lets do it! <3. XXX.

  2. Yeah, sorry I didn't text in a few days! I was in the mountains with no service :( I hope your phone gets fixed soon!!

    best of luck with the fast! xoxo

  3. i really want to fast with you ! do you have email or aim or something? :)

  4. We will do this. Skinny by spring break. I can already imagine how amazing it will be. Being all skinny and flaunting ourselves in our bikinis. People being jealous.

    Don't give up, and try your best not to binge.
    Make sure you follow your new rulez.

    We can do this. We are strong.
    You are strong. <3

    & good luck with the fast! :) I may do one soon to.

  5. me too. i get guilty.
    good luck with your fast! x

  6. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Miss you, I'll text you soon!!

  7. i feel the same guilt after binging, just can't face posting! but i know your fast will be super, I can't do it for all that time but I def will be fasting with you for part!! Starting when I wake up tomorrow!

    Also, good resolution on the sleep schedule, great for the metabolism!!


  8. Darling I'm sorry I haven't been commenting - I'm going to try harder!! Sorry to hear about your phone but maybe you can get it fixed :)

    I want so so bad to be skinny by summer. I want you to get there too! xx

    I ran away cuz i was fat, a pig, and ashamed of myself for being such a greedy glutton.
    but don't shy away, we're here to cheer you on

  10. Good luck with your fast :)
    I've only done it once before but i felt so much better afterwards. I might try it again soon x

  11. Sofia,
    thank you for existing. Knowing that you are in this world makes my dark days brighter. I can never express enough how much I honor you.
    I know you can do anything you want to.
    Stay strong <3

    ~ Meg

  12. Ekk I've been bingeing too don't feel bad! Since yesterday though I've been doing really well, lost 3 pounds in the first day:/ yeah that's how much I've been bingeing lol you can do a 50 hour fast, I have faith in you:D good luck<3

    We WILL be skinny by summer!! (I can't get there by Spring, because it's basically already Spring to me lol)

  13. We sure can do it! :) No worries and no fear... you got this, girly!

    if you ever need a texting buddy, feel free to text me. :) the number is 216-316-0505 :3

    - Glitttcchhh

  14. <3 You, can do it.

  15. You can do it bby!
    We all can.
    xo lo