Friday, May 27, 2011

just because its sugar free doesnt mean its calorie free.

yeah, whoops.
i didnt binge yesterday.
but between the sugar free chocolate and the waten retension from pickles i gained three pounds between yesterday (128.5) and today (131.5).
i also didnt exactly count calories, so i could have gone way over my limit.
ive gone 4 days binge free so far, and im not stopping now.
summer will be my bitch.
also, i think i went out on a date yesterday.
so now i have three guys who are at least mildly interested in me.
in order of likingness:
russian boy, drifter boy #2, and hipster boy.
ive probably mentionned their names before... but this is more fun.

so, about that date.
we went with my best friend and her boyfriend.
we watched arthur (hilarious, btw).
we didnt do anything but we sat really close,
and he tickled me in the car. :P

i dont know what to do! im still fucking fat! if i lose 5 pounds i think this will be easier.
and by this... i mean life.


  1. That's awesome that you went on a date. You must be pretty popular since you have 3 guys after you. Good job, girl!

  2. Yay, three guys after you! ;) Oh yes, life will be easier when we're skinny and beautiful... I totally feel you, girl. Good luck battling the binges, love: it's hard to get out from the vicious circle, but you're a lot stronger than all the food your brain wants!


  3. I loooovvveee the thinspo :)
    and i also love Arthur :P
    you'll drop that water retention soon :)
    awesome job on not binging !!

  4. You're doing so great! Rock on, Sista! Arthur's deeeply cool! <3. XXX.

  5. Yay for dates:), definitely keep playing the field! whats the point in putting all your time into one guy? wait & see which one is more fun:)
    You're weight will go back down fast, I wouldn't worry about it.

    love the thinspo, I have been meaning to make a collage of some! may have to steal these:p