Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new inspiration && thinspo. (:

one of my former friends called me fat.
now i have to be skinnier than she claims to be.
which is 125.
(which she doesnt weigh, btw.
but i have to do this asap.
133.5 this morning.
then i went and took the ap calc ab exam. i died.

it needs to get warmer.

im fucking cold again.
and im tired of it.
i need the sun to warm the bones im starving for.
tomorrow, please bring smiles.


  1. I love that little phrase, "I need the sun to warm the bones I'm starving for". :)
    You can do this, and then she'll be shocked. We'll shock them all.

  2. Can we do this together PLEASE?! I need to be that weight by May 15th and I'm stuck at 135 right now. Doing a water fast today to boost my losses, then back to low carb tomorrow. Let's do this!

  3. Ugh fuck that. I hate girls, don't you? Upside: you can totally prove her wrong and show her what a bitch she is (not that you're in any way fat in the first place).
    Aaaaaaand you're done with an AP exam. Yay! Don't you feel accomplished?

    Warm wishes,

  4. Ahh wth? How could she even call you fat? Whatevs, you'll show that beech what you're made of! (Not fat that's for sure haha)

    I really reeeeeally like that nail polish thing! The second I'm through with finals week and school, I'm doing it! It was a good idea :D

    Sending you some smiles for tomorrow! (Or today, use them when you need them :) <3

  5. Give me her address so I can fuck her up stink for calling you fat. Bitch! I hope she gets another chin!

    You can do it, S. I believe in you! Sending you warm thoughts from Africa, Babe! Love you. <3. XXX.

  6. oh I hope I can keep up with you on this 125 thing. you're gonna kick ass :)

  7. Girls are mean. Especially after they stop being friends with someone. I'm trying not to be that kind of girl. I'm probably unsuccessful but at least I try. Good luck with your 125! You can do this, darling :)

    ~ Meg

  8. Ew what a hoor!! She's proably just jealous 'cause you're about 100 times more awesome than she is.

  9. i know that feeling. i like you little qoute about the sun warming your bones your starving for. i also like this thinosphere where did you get your pics from?