Wednesday, June 1, 2011

challenge with ariana and cinnamon brown. (:

my stats.

height: 5'7"-5'8"
hw: 174 lb (at a shorter height)
cw: 131.5 lb
lw: 126.5 lb
ugw: 107-110 lb

all my measurements are probably the same. refer to "my stomache"

i just wanted to stop by to leave a nightmare i just had (i think its about ana)

in my dream, two men were carrying a corpse towards me like it wanted to talk to me. all I saw was its stomach that was caved in. and then when they got to me, the corpse like suffocated me. then i woke up, texted me new boyfriend, and my two ana text friends. damn.

with this challenge ill be posting more. (:

sorry, ive been busy studying for the SAT this saturday and then the new boy i mentioned. and then i have dance shows today through friday.

hope everyone is doing well, i havent (mentally).


  1. I'm sorry you haven't done well mentally. Enjoy time with your new bf!

  2. Hey! So glad you're joining in! That dream was intense. Not sure what to make of it, myself.

    Glad to hear about the new man! All the best for your SAT and the dance shows.

    Hang in there, Babe. Hopefully you'll be on summer vacation soon. Love you. <3. XXX.

  3. Best of luck on the SATs... I remember those days all too well!

    131 is a great weight for someone your height, but I can completely relate (I'm 5'7.5" and am dying to get down to just under 120). Good luck on your challenge.

  4. whoa that is a creepy dream! it definitely sounds like it was ed related. I hope you get to doing better<3