Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i couldnt decide what to eat, so i had a cigarette and diet soda instead.

still 134.
still talking to russian boy.
happily. (:

took ap physics today, le failed.
i looked at the test... and just laughed.
my teacher is absolute SHIT.

im trying to keep in the negative net intakes.
heres my day broken down:
egg whites(30)+1/4 green pepper(8)=breakfast(38)
2 mints (40.smh.)=testing(40)
salad(60)+sugar snap peas(40)+ pita bread(80)+ hummus(70)+ blueberries(20)=lunch/mini binge(250)
dinner: none (0)
total intake: 328
walking (-80)

net total = -32 cal

well, i think boring me is done for now.
struggle2bethin: i like tea plain, but i do mix in something along the lines of stevia/splenda.
starvingforperfection: im pretty positive that splenda has no calories. and i followed you. (: also, from my last post. i get most of my pictures from tumblr.
ELLE-usive Dream: i did rip my hair out, and had multiple breakdowns. go school! haha.
thank you to everyone who complimented me.i dont deserve it, those shorts are flattering and covered up my fat thighs. :P

much love,


  1. good job at keepig in the negitave intakes!(: thanks for following me! you seem to being better than i am haha
    <3 brittney

  2. Watch out for russian boys, they're dangerous!

    / Avy

  3. Faltering shorts are better than ugly ones!
    mmm Russian boy, yummy :) xx