Thursday, May 19, 2011

i could keep going...

but i have commitments to keep.

ive been fasting since monday 11 pm.
at 1 am 5/19 ill beat my record of 50 hours.
and i dont plan on being up until 7-9 so thatll extend it to 56-58.
i could keep going, im not really hungry.
but all day today i felt like fainting.
and i have to run 3-6 miles with my friend tomorrow. along with an hour and half long dance class.
im honestly scared to eat so ill make a game plan...
B: oatmeal (50), maybe blueberries
L: 2/3 c. mixed veggies (60)/ 1/2 apple (40)/ carrots (35)/ sugar snap peas (35) --pick one in the morning.
S: french toast (50)/ egg whites (30) [maybe] w. 1/2 green pepper (16)
D: this one is gonna be an issue. itll probably be one of the things from lunch.

bye lovelies.
ill be reading. (:

p.s. i was 132.5 this morning, and 131 just recently.
my goal is 129 with jackie on monday. (:
i might take a walk later.


  1. be safe for your run tomorrow. be proud of the fasting you've done! that's amazing! stay strong :)

  2. 50 hours...I can't even fathom that. Great job! But yeah I agree stay safe! I only fasted 24 hours and I was feeling faint all day. I hope you can ease in to eating relatively easily. =)

  3. I'm so jealous that you can go this long on a fast.
    You have no idea.
    I so wish I could do that. I'm just too damn weak.
    it might be a good idea to eat before you run tomorrow just so that you don't pass out, just don't break the fast with anything too heavy.
    Stay strong, love! You're doing great!

  4. Oh wow! Your'e doing brilliant. The most I fasted for was 36 hours. Good luck on reaching your target on Monday :D