Monday, May 9, 2011

my tea collection?

my personal life is a drag,
so heres some tea...

the only one thats missing is yogi green tea superantioxidant (my favourite)
and the bags of tea from cinnamon brown. (:
which are absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS.

i signed up to take my license test on the 18th of june. (:
freedom awaits.
thats my momma's birthday, so idk how thats gonna be. haha.
but im really excited.

ive been flirting with two boys.
its all fun and games.

i went to the gym today,
i went running with my friend yesterday.
i dont like treadmills.

im tired of being fat,
my stomach is actually looking okay.

i talk aboutmyself too much...
but then again, this is my blog...

i have an ap test tomorrow.
physics, fuck me sideways and with two dimensional oscillatory motion.
i wont enjoy it.

heres a picture of me youll probably think is disgusting.
i took this before i went tanning,
i wanted to unzip my jacket, but my stomach looked gross.

hey look its me!

i never know what to write anymore,
so... question?!
if anyone has anything theyd like to ask, ask!


  1. Ok. So what I'd like to say is that the picture is cute! And also what do you mix in with your tea to make it taste better? I just can't get into hot tea and bottle cold tea has too many calories!

    anyways. keep up the good work! and do well on your test!

  2. that picture of you is cute :) you're doing really well!

  3. I love your tea collection.
    You are such a cutie! Just saying.
    I could never do AP physics. I did AP Bio and Chem but never physics. Hate that thing. Good luck, Sofia!

    ~ Meg

  4. wow i love tea but i am pretty sure you love it more than me haha (thats not a bad thing) but what do you mix with your tea? i use this zero calorie sugar like stuff but im still scared it has calories... also would you please look at my blog?(i know werid request) i just started it and i really need some support.. its foreverana-starvingforperfection. hopefully you will find things to talk about. my blog is mainly about me haha but you are right if its your blog shouldnt it be about you?
    <3 brittney

  5. Awesome tea collection! Mine's looking a little sparse! Wish we still got Celestial Seaonings in this crap country. The last bit that Sarah sent me has been hoovered! :(

    I love that photo! You're looking wicked good, Sofia! So jealous, I look like total dog meat at the mo'! Must work on that. Right, off to the elliptical! Love you. <3. XXX.

  6. yum tea:) the vanilla lipton kind is really good, you should try it!!
    You are too cute, and you look really thin:):)

  7. Haha, it is you're blog, it's all about you :)
    I'm loving your tea collection, particularly the 'tension tamer' that's something I need lol
    Keep flirting, you look stunning so you can get away with it. I'm well jealous of your legs! <3

  8. you're adoreable, beautiful.

    keep going babe, you are amazing.

    you are amazing to take AP physics, i would rip my hair out and have a mental breakdown.

    LOVE TO YOU!!!

  9. love the pic ! way bttr off then me ! mm tea (its filling & has practically no cals! <3)