Monday, May 16, 2011


i go through periods of good and bad,
the days seem so long,
i cant tell sometimes.

weed makes me eat so much.
but i waked and baked today,
and im doing relatively good.

lately, ive been getting bouts of anxiety attacks.
sometimes its from the occasional nicotine withdrawal,
but sometimes i just cant handle when everything's a mess.
like yesterday, i made my mom clean the pantry out with me.
and prepackaging is doing me wonders.
i dont have to worry about calories because i know what i put into the bag. :D

i want to disappear.


  1. Anxiety = bad. I get anxiety attacks sometimes. And then everyone thinks I'm either crazy or overreacting and they make everything worse. I wish I could pre-bag food, but it would create too many questions. And I would like to disappear too. Most of the time any way...

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  3. sorry waaaayyy too many typos. lol i'm ocd like that.

    i was trying to say that it sucks to be anxious. and that the pre-packaged thing sounds like a great idea. I sort of want to try it.

  4. Hey Babe!

    I hate BMW's. My father drove them. Too many bad memories, but you're so right.

    Shit, anxiety sucks. Mine causes me to c/s. Thankfully I've not had an episode in a while.

    I do hope you're being a bad girl and that you feel better soon. Love you. <3. XXX.