Monday, May 2, 2011


i was 136 this morning.
numbers arent going anywhere.
"situations" by escape the fate reminds me of matt.
such a dumb fuck.
i saw him on saturday.
completely ignored my existence, but i know he saw me.

ive been flirting with a different boy.
russian boy, ill call him.
he's not attractive, or i dont know.
im just tired of being alone and unwanted.

ap exams start tomorrow.
i have calc on wednesday and physics the following monday.
im also taking the SAT on saturday.
fuck me with a frikken chainsaw.

i really need to do something about my expansive size.
speaking of which...
i threw away all the food i was mad at this weekend.
and im not baking for a very long time.

this concludes todays account of failure.
i shall now commence blog reading for the first time in a while.
love you all. *muah*


  1. aw sofia! go needs matt.. boys are dicks anyways.
    i hope russian boy treats you right :)
    you have amazing strength to throw the food out.. my easter chocolate's sitting in my room staring at me all the time.
    good luck :)

  2. I know how it is. I baked this past week and I had to throw half of it out. We are all failures at some point sofia, especially myself.

  3. i'm stuck in a funk too..meh. Best of luck on all your exams!!!

  4. Damn good luck on those tests. I never took the AP calc or physics tests because I really sucked in those classes, so I stuck to english and lit, but I knew a lot of people who did well on both tests. And the SAT is no sweat. I'm sure you'll do fine, it was literally one of the easiest tests I've taken. I'm wishing you 5's and a 2400. =)

  5. hey girl, don't get discouraged! I think everyone gets stressed around exam/final time. It's the end of the school year, I always gain weight/eat a shit ton during this time. Once school is out you can focus more on diet & exercise, until then try to not worry about it TOO much, will probably help with the stress levels a little bit anyways:P

  6. Hi Honeyface!

    I sent you an e-mail. Not sure if it went through, the server is on the fritz again! I miss you and I love you to bits, my angel. Thinking about you, too. *Big Hug* <3. XXX.