Wednesday, May 11, 2011

boring and still negative, yet happy!

im tired, so ill make this quick.
i woke up at the early hour of 9 am. 133. had 5 grapes (15) as i walked out the door.
got to school and had a
monster zero (0) and took my english end of course test.
my tummy growled a lot, but then i went to some classes. skipped a french test for lunch.
carrots (35). mello yello zero (0), i havent had one of those in forever.
ended up having to take that french test during class.
got through the rest of the day.
came home, and mini binged ofc, as expected.
1/4 green pepper (8), salad (20), ice cream (50), jello (10), tofu (125), cabbage (25).
did some computer surfing, went to jazz
(-280), went to the gym(-285), got some protein and foodz in me. egg whites (30), mushrooms (28), cabbage (25), vanilla yogurt with cinnamon (36) which tasted like cake btw.
went to cvs for more dr. pepper. ate again... i dont know what was wrong with me today.
cabbage (15).
then i went for a walk
(-75). chocolate (100)
....and i think thats it.

i feel like i just wasted at least 5 minutes of your time. sorrey!

intake total: 522 cal.
(im okay with this since this is around500... i guess, still too much.)
exercise: -640 cal.
net intake: -118 cal.

hope everyone has a lovely day/night!
much love,
im reading, always. (:


  1. good job! and how was yourgurt only 36 cals? do you buy a certain brand or just didnt eat it all?? so negative is just keeping track of cals and then exercise and burning more cals than you ate right?
    btw u didnt waste my time i enjoy reading your posts(:

  2. thanks for lettimg me know about the yogurt thing i will definately remember it!
    <3 brittney

  3. I wish I could have a day like that, wow, great job!

  4. mmm yoghurt.
    Sweet yoghurt totally creeps me out, but I guess it is a better alternative to cake :)
    Hope your tests went okay xx

  5. Lambs are vegetarians, too; so it would all even out in the end... :D

    What is a mellow yellow zero? It sounds exciting.

  6. Yoghurt+cinnamon+honey=trouble for me! I remember when we got Mello Yello in this country. It was around the time of the first Ice Age! Alas, no more! *Sigh*!

    Hope all your tests went OK and that you have a great rest of the week. Love you. <3. XXX.