Thursday, May 26, 2011

silver haze, i love thee.

i smoked last night when i got home from hiking.
silver haze didnt give me the munchies.
i heard my stomache growling, but it felt cool so i didnt eat.
it really just made me hella thirsty.
and tea felt so nice warming up my insides.

hike, hike, hike.
i wish i did more.
it took my mother and i an hour to find the trail yesterday.
but once we did we only had 30 minutes to spare.
i was running on a fiber one bar (+90) and breakfast that had already been used up.
it was quite tiring.

i miraculously got the grade i need on my final to bring my french grade up.
3 a's and 3 b's for sofia this semester.

the only way i could have gotten that grade is with my new friend
mr. adderall.
i got up tuesday morning, and i couldnt study.
i knew i had to, but i couldnt concentrate.
then i remembered that i bought a pill a couple of months ago.
i thought, im not gonna need this over the summer... *swallow*
from then on my day got very productive.

hmm... i wrote this post reverse chronological order.
now for a current fact, im 128.5 with no intention of binging.
hope everyone is doing well. (:


  1. Yay for the weight and for the good grades! Sounds like you're having a great end of the school year. =)

  2. Well done on your good marks, my little genius and congrats on the 128.5! You go, girl!!! <3. XXX.

  3. Congrats on the weightloss and the grades :) Your commitments paying off :)

  4. great job!!! weight and grades **happy dance!**