Wednesday, April 27, 2011

im not strong enough to love.

i realized this while brushing my teeth just now.

tomorrow i dont have class,
so im sleeping in until 10,
making cookie dough (not tasting this time) for poetry club
and then going in to take an (optional) test.
i dont know what has come over me...

day one and two of abc went well... ive yet to paint my two nails.
but maybe ill do that tomorrow.

i wish i wasnt so tired so i could write more,
but i feel like falling into a depressive heap,
so i wouldnt be much entertainment anyway.

hope everyone is doing well.
p.s. im reading, just not commenting. promise.


  1. I'll text you later. But feel better!

  2. You haven't painted the nails because you went over a little or you haven't painted them because you haven't had the time? Either way I'm sure your intake has been fabulous. =)