Friday, April 8, 2011

le fasting.

today went alright.
i have awful self control,
i ended up having a zero calorie pickle.

i saw matthew today when we were hanging out at the gas station,
don't judge... its where we hang out. :P
for the first 5 minutes he like completely ignored me.
then i scooted over, and sat next to him, and we talked a little.
then when he was leaving, i was like, hey, can we talk over there?
so i was like, hey you havent been answering, and he mumbled something about going to sleep at 7 am and something about not being able to afford school.
i mean he said he was sorry... i think... but i just want him to press a couple buttons and text me, for fucks sake!

i weighed myself.
i dont remember what the number was... but i remember it was horrid.

well, bye for now lovelies!
i think ill start the abc tomorrow. no definite plans though.
p.s. i really want lettuce... but i also want to fast again.
fuck my indecisiveness!


  1. Oy, men! Trust me, the older ones are much better!

    It's cool that you hang out at the petrol station. When I had friends, we used to hang out at the museum, but that's probably because my boyfriend at the time used to work there with his dad in the taxidermy dept. Whole new level of creepy!

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and drama free. <3. XXX.

  2. In the town I live in the hangout place is our grocery store parking lot. I don't really know how such weird traditions get started, but its a huge parking lot right on the strip, so guess it kind of makes sense lol

    Don't stress over him not texting you. If he can't make the time for you, don't spend your time stressing or thinking about him. He isn't worth it.

    Fasting is fun, but if you want some lettuce, eat some lettuce:D

  3. Boys are so confusing!!

    Eat the lettuce, it's good for you! :) :)