Wednesday, April 6, 2011

starting over.

hi to my new followers!
i dont know where you came from, but hi hi hi!

got my wisdom teeth out.
it doesnt hurt that bad.
the diet went out the window though.

i want to start over the abc.
i know i can do it.
and i will.
im not even questioning it.
if anyone would like to join, go right ahead, i love company.
tomorrow (today) wednesday the 6th will be day one: 500 or less.
easy peasy.
(remind me to get rid of the four bowls of jello and brownies in my kitchen,
oh, my friends.)

today, as you see from the above mentioned food
my friends came over to cheer me up and have a jello party.
while we were waiting for the jello to set, i made brownies.
*bad sofia*
but now i have the leftovers at my house... even worse!
ppssst. lime jello tastes awesome.
and then i went to my physics tutor. my brain died.
and then i went grocery shopping and drivin with my momma.

then i hung out with my friend isabelle,
we went to the park where mexicans were being inappropriate, haha.
then we frequented the local gas station.
i saw matt there.
first time ive seen him since last monday.
and i havent talked to him all day... his fault, not mine.
he was drunk. :P
i missed him so much, i just... gaaahh.
i dont know what to do.
i guess i have to get some patience.

until next time,
bye lovelies!

p.s. im afraid to weigh myself. :/


  1. Yay for the inappropriate Mexicans haha.
    I'm glad your wisdom tooth didn't cause you too much trouble. I'll see about the ABC, perhaps I'll join you! (:

    ~ Meg

  2. Low cal jelly is a nice treat when you're dieting, but need a little something sweet. Lime and strawberry make an awesome combo!

    I really hope Matt comes around soon. Hang in there with the silly man-child!

    Have a great rest of the week and feel better soon. <3. XXX.

  3. glad to have you back!! I miss ya!!

  4. I'm glad your wisdom teeth don't hurt too much? lol Are you all puffed up still?

    Jello is the best idea ever. I like mixing different red ones together coz it stays red but tastes different every time, lol.

    STAY AWAY from the brownies dear! Don't smell them or look at them as you throw them away in the trash! No good will come of them! It was nice of you to make them though. :)

    Good luck with the ABC love! Stay strong! <3

  5. Who is drunk at a gas station... on a Tuesday? That's hilarious! I love boys.

  6. joining!!! failed now I am going to get it right!!!

    Sometimes I wish NZ was more interesting.... we never see interesting things like inappropriate Mexicans or someone drunk at the petrol station.... ok i lied we do get drunk people at petrol stations....

    sounds like you have been having fun xx

  7. glad you're back. i'm sure your weight isn't nearly as bad as you expect. good luck on the ABC!

  8. I was afraid to weigh myself, but when i did.. even though the number was HORRIFIC it made me jump right back on track. And stay there,
    good luck sweetie,
    lindsay x

  9. Wisdom teeth? ek! i'm 22 and mine still haven't came in.. I dread when they do because I've heard horror stories about getting them taken out! Hope you're not in too much pain!

    I think I may start the ABC with you:) I've been wanting to for awhile now actually. I've only had 90 calories today so I can easily start today and be under 500:) Good luck!

  10. I'm scared to go to the dentist, I don't want my teeth out, but they are so bad. Good luck with the ABC. Boys are for left overs. Just pass them on. <3

  11. HI girl.
    Glad you got your wisdom teeth out, and i'm sorry to hear about your diet.
    But I'mt totally on with det ABC, I realy need it. :D

  12. hey babe, don't be afraid, it's alright, we can beat this monster back lb by lb.

    i selected you for the Versatile Blogger award, check my blog for details.