Monday, April 25, 2011

i have 123 followers!

i dont know i thought that was funny...
well anyways,
im still stuck in the same rut.
getting back on track, then falling off the wagon,
then again, and again.

i started a weight loss challenge with my friend.
if i win this week, i get a free movie and a free picnic.
but at this picnic, we will have carrots.
because today when we were having a picnic with a bunch of junk,
and we were in the junk food aisle, and this skinny girl walks past us,
and all she had was carrots. ... so yeah.
skinny girls eat carrots.

tomorrow i start the abc again,
and the nail polish challenge,
which is where everyday you succeed,
you paint one finger nail,
if you screw up, you have to take the polish off every nail,
a visual reminder of your failure/success.

i would promise to post more,
but i dont like talking about my failures,
i feel guilt all the time. :/
i hope you girls are well.


  1. I knew someone in hishchool with an (official, acknowledged) ED. All she ever ate was carrots ;) she was a bit orange, and a lot skinny ;). 'luck!

  2. I'm going to try that nail polish challenge!! (and eat carrots ;) )

  3. I'm struggling too..carrots..yes.