Thursday, April 14, 2011

i love you guys SO much.

thank you for the comments on my last blog.
much appreciated,
ill try to get over him, but its hard, you know?
thats the second time ive been rejected this year.

i woke up semi late this morning 129.5.
got dressed into a dress, cardigan, and flats.
walked to my neighborhood park.
had a lovely smoke with a vanilla coke zero and marlboro skylines (my new fav)
walked to the bus stop, went to school, trudged through my classes.
came home. had coffee (3). 129.
had pickles (0) and celery (30)
... tumbl'd and read.
went to the grocery store.
pretend to do homework. strawberries (20).
gave up, made cookie dough in preparation for weekly thursday baking.
mushrooms (32) and rice (~100).
had "too much" cookie dough (mostly le purge) 132.5.
took three laxatives.

so that was my day so far...
i weighed myself with wet hair,
so lets pretend thats a pound :P
and then its mostly waterweight...
but still, 2 pounds.
so i will do 2 abs cycles.

now i must start most of my homework,
study for two tests and a quiz,
(not die)
and yeah.
ta-ta for now!


  1. That sounds like an alright day. Stay strong my lovely, you can do this.
    Also, rejection is nothing to fear. Just think how sorry they'll be for rejecting you when you're beautifully skinny. :)

  2. You're going to have an even better day today.

    You're such a lovely girl... one of the other things that always helped me in the darkest moments of heartbreak is actually getting ready for my day (albeit always reluctantly). It's so easy to just want to stay inside and not see anyone or go to school or whatever. But just putting on a little makeup and a cute outfit at least helps to put up a false front, which eventually becomes reality. Does that make sense?

    Have a better day today dear..

  3. Good luck with you're quiz. Sounds like a wonderful day. I am jealous that you get to wear dresses and flats, it is not that warm here.
    It's always hard to get over people, you just have to look awesome and laugh when they decide they want you :P <3

  4. COKE VINILLA IS MY LOVE ;) too bad we don't have it in Canada.

    your day seems good :)
    good luck with homework and quizes and such!

  5. thanks for texting me today. you're wonderful <3 the intake doesn't sound that bad either. just the cookie dough is bad. but it'll be so much better tomorrow :)

  6. Don't worry about the two pounds, weighing yourself at the end of the day is never your true weight! your calorie intake is still very low so you'll be ok:) I'm sure you will still be in the 120's tomorrow:)

  7. Seemed like you had a good day! :D weo, I'm glad to hear that, hon! <3 =]