Saturday, April 9, 2011

im boring.

i did okay today,
500 calories throughout the day,
plus tasting and a little more while baking.
and i burned off 400 at the gym.

sorry to bore you with more matt stuff, but now i think he's legit avoiding me.
i just dont get it, he used to be crazy about me.

heres my day in bullets!... kinda.
got up, made brekkie, went to the gym.
lazed on the computer, baked vegan cupcakes and cookies.
got picked up, smoked the reefer, went to dinner
(cucumber sushi! i think thats the lowest cal thing. haha).
met some russians, hung out at the gas station.
friday night, ftw! :P

i was 134 this morning, ewwwwww.
i hope im lower tomorrow, but i know im probably not,
i think im fasting tomorrow.
oh, i dunno, ill decide in the morning, im baking again, so idk how that work... oh, well.

bye lovelies!


  1. It's crazy how someone can be head over heals for you and then all the sudden show no interest at all. It's happened to me before, and I've also done it to other people. Feelings are a funny thing.

    I wish I liked to bake as much as you! I couldn't do it though, I'd end up eating everything in sight!

  2. its sounds like an awesome friday!!!!

  3. Good friday night :)
    Hope you had a good saturday night too xx

  4. Haha that sounds like fun! XD

  5. Well done! Impressive outake. 400 is amazing!
    And yes, boys suck so bad sometimes. They can be so damn confusing!
    134 is brilliant!