Friday, October 1, 2010

day 5/35

back to square one 146.
but i had a good eating day today.
and that only because i went out. (:
i like going out because then i dont have to think about eating. woot.
and there was a really cute guy there,
but darn im taken by my baby. (:
which i am perfectly okay with.
if only he was closer. :P
oh well, everyday is another day closer to when i see him.

and since i went out that means i exercised a bit too.
running and walking places. WOOT. haha.
although my parents flipped a shit. theyll have to deal.
because i wanna go out tomorrow too. haha.

ill just have to do sat in the morning.
ehh. but im nervous because they want to go out to eat lunch. :P
i might be able to get away with just a drink.
maybe, but they know i barely eat.
so maybe ill just say i have no money?
but then we're going shopping so idk.

i mean im not buying clothes because im saving up my money.
but. yeah, that reminds me. i need clothes.
but im afraid to go shopping. :P



  1. shopping scares me a bit, too. i'll buy clothes that fit when i reach my goal weight. for now everything is baggy. good on you for the 557. that's great. stay strong, darling.

  2. This post made me laugh so much! :D

    My mum is constantly flipping a shit. I'm going out tonight (to eat ): ), and she's not a happy bunny

    Oh well, as needs must right? <3