Tuesday, October 19, 2010

im still a friggin idiot.

so i went for a smoke like and hour ago and came home like 15 minutes later.
i thought nothing of it.
i rolled around in some grass so i would smell of it too bad.
and i had been out for a walk once earlier.
and get this.
my dads like, hey can i ask you something?
and im like sure... *keeps walking*
i started to fill up my waterbottle.
and hes like, have you been smoking?
-astonished face- -thinks shit i still smell like it-
oh well, i just have to be more careful.
and buy another lighter since mine is... well i only have one and i want to keep it on my bedside table when im at school so my parents dont think about it.

i had about 650 calories today,
would have been less if my brother hadnt gone to the store and came back with chips (150), or the cake i had (100) xP

oh well tomorrow is another day.
i went to the neurologist today for my messed up foot.
and hes said he wants to do an MRI on my back.
and they weighed me there.
147.3... i really need to get a new scale.
i weighed myself when i got home 143.5...
so conclusion: my scale is 3.2 lbs off,
it tells me i weigh less than i really do,
but imma go by my numbers... since theyre all ive got.

im not going to lunch tomorrow since i have to make up the test i missed today.
itll be my third day in a row with lunch,
not so hard, eh?

i think the cig i had was a marlboro menthol,
well whatever it was it was delicious.

till later. <3


  1. Hope nothing serious is wrong! all the best with the MRI xxx
    p.s. I know what you mean about the scales, I gave up on mine!

  2. Eek, I hope it all went okaaay; everything.
    xx Thinking of you!