Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 4/35.

so i weighed myself this morning and got really sad.
youre supposed to be LOSING not GAINING sofia.

but i did better with the eating today.
wooooottt. but i didnt exercise which bothers me.
i should get on that.
my problem is i like exercising at night.
and i would usually run in my neighborhood.
but now my neighborhood has these dogs that like to run around and scare the fuck outta me.

until tomorrow my lovelies.


  1. 148 isn't awful. with numbers like 677 you can get back down in no time. it took me forever to work down to 600 a day so don't worry about it. &you should keep running. just...carry a stick or something? or if your room is big enough, jumping jacks&crunches are my favorites. stay strong, darling.


  2. Next time you see a dog, be like ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRGTFOMOTHAFUCKAAAAAA.

    If they don't run away screaming, then at least people will lock their dogs out because they think you're a crazy person? <3