Sunday, October 17, 2010

i have to start using my common sense,
dont smoke a cig inside your fucking room.
me = idiot.

i ate quite a bit today.
but todays weight 144.5... i think.
i dont remember.

but heres the plan for tomorrow.
B: light mocha frapp (100), with a bit of cig (i didnt smoke the entire thing, i have to do this away from my house)
L: none, or salad (100)
D: (after school) banana (100), coke (0)
S: hummus and pita chips (200)

the dinner and snack might switch. haha.

but thats the plan that hopefully wont fail.
... i hope.

yeah, i dont feel like talking right now.
i lit up a cig in my room,
bad idea i know. but it still smells like it,
and im kinda worried now,
any suggestions?

well, later.


  1. Oh my gosh, once, I got all of Manly Backpackers standing outside at four am while the firies checked the rooms and everything for fire- I set off the smoke alarm, and I don't even smoke.
    Yeah, going away and staying in a hostel with a friend while we were both extremely depressed, and drunk, and passed as old enough to buy cigs? Ick. Shaaaame, haha.
    So, don't feel too shameful. Hahaha.
    And cigarette smoke is so clingy, change your clothes. And don't pack on the spray- it makes it so obvious. Use nice smelly hand creams and moisture cream instead :)

    Goodluck with everything, beautiful.

  2. I also ate more than I wanted to today. Ra. :/
    But we'll get back on track. Good plan for tomorrow. I'm gonna just fast tomorrow, I think.

    Um, open the window maybe to get the air out? Get a fan? Air freshener? Eek, Idk. XD haha

    stay strong.

    -molly xoxo