Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i had around 1100 today,
i know, thats a lot,
just call me a freakin elephant and get it over with.

its 2 am. and im hungry.
i guess thats good... but i ate so much...
i wonder how.

i went home early today,
i felt sick so i called my mom.
and she picked me up.
and im going home early tomorrow as well,
for a neurologist appointment.
i think i forgot to mention this earlier.
i pinched a nerve in my leg and am now not able to flex my foot, or walk normally.
which has been causing quite the strain in my exercising...
the little exercise i do.

heres tomorrows plan:
B: cig and light mocha (100)
L: something light before the doctor, maybe yogurt (80).
... i dont like plans.
i never follow them anyway.
something unexpected happens, and then everything goes to shit.
fuck this. the plan is: eat as little as possible, kay cools.


1 comment:

  1. love the thinspo. what a perfect body. 1100 isn't too bad, you'll burn it off.
    good luck! <3