Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 3/35.

i didnt weigh myself.
which is bad because i think when i weigh myself i want to do better.

but today was my fat day anyway.
i know its only day three.
but i always eat a lot on wednesdays.

im not gonna tell you how much i ate.
because i dont want to think about it myself.
and im kinda embarassed.
i mean it wasnt THAT bad.
it was "healthy" i suppose.
but that not good enough.

my mom knows i havent been eating a lot.
which i dont get...
because she didnt notice over the summer.
when i actually was losing weight.
its so weird.

i dont really have much to say.
other than i need to sleep more.
ive had 15 hours of sleep for 4 days.
and its seriously affect my eating...
making me eat more obviously.
but oh well.
im gonna get like 7 or so hours tonight.


1 comment:

  1. you have 'fat days'? sleep is definitely a plus..when you can get it. sleep well, darling, &stay strong.