Saturday, September 25, 2010


im not really caring about weight right now.

but i did take a 15 minute cold shower.
im still cold and its been 30 minutes.
so i hope i burned a bit from that.

i realized, this right here, is a lifestyle.
like, i tried to let go and relax about it today.
but i couldnt.
hmm. i mean i still ate.
but idk. i had half a pizza, but no cake.

and its my bday, youre supposed to have cake.
oh well.

i wish i could live on my own,
i could buy only what i needed,
and i could get healthy stuff,
and buy nothing in bulk.

i cant wait till i can move out...
and hopefully in with my boy. (:
hmm... im looking to far ahead... oh well.

damn im cold... blanket time!

1 comment:

  1. God I know what you mean! My mom buys all my binge food so I always end up binging even after a good week. When I move out, I'll only have a few foods in my kitchen...the "safe" foods.

    I love cold showers :) It makes me remember to stay in control and I feel like I'm burning more. I should take them more often...