Wednesday, September 22, 2010


so i lost a pound.
have no idea how.

ive been having a really bipolar day.

i was having a really good day calorie-wise until i went driving at 10.
i wanted soda. so i went to the grocery store.
and my brother asked me to buy chips.
had like 450 cal worth of chips.
maybe more. but gaah.

-2 crackers = 20 cal.
-tomato = 25 cal.
-potatoes = 250 cal. (at two different times)
-monster = 20 cal.
-chips = 450 cal.
-chocolate = 110 cal.
TOTAL: 875 cal.

i mean. thats not TOO bad.
but not as good as i would have hoped.
like i was good until i had dinner at 8.
then i went above the 300 cal point.
and decided to "reward myself"
once again. FAIL.

i didnt drink enough water today, at all.
like i had... maybe 2 cups.
but i had like 20 oz diet dr. pepper, 2 cans of vanilla coke zero, and a monster.
i need to lay off the soda. oh well.

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