Thursday, September 16, 2010


it's pretty much a month later.
and I've gained.
three or four days ago I was 148.5.

but I'm starting this up again.
I want to be 120.

because right now.
I'm really fucking annoyed with my fat love handles.
they're like. beyond fat.
they just bulge.

so starting today.
i will eat under 700 cal.
I will run at least 1 mile on dance days.
I will do cardio for 45 minutes on non dance days.
I will look at thinspo. and tips.
I will take cold showers/baths.
I will do this.

my boyfriend moved across the country.
and I want to be pretty the next time he sees me.
I don't want to be an elephant.
I will weigh myself tomorrow morning.
and then the journey begins again.

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