Wednesday, January 25, 2012


ive come to a crossroads.
i hate who i am.
so the point is: reinvent myself.

i wish to become a multisided person.
imagine an elegant, wispy woman in a pantsuit.
getting everything done, with no time for food.
one who sells drugs, but you wouldnt know.
beautiful. delicate. AWESOME. haha.

yes, i havent really done well since i last posted.
i havent eaten in 15 hours though, so thats a start.
but i hate this feeling of nausea that has overcome me.

so heres the plan.
get all my schoolwork done.
go shopping for new clothes.
eventually weigh myself....
start making clothes again.
start going to the gym again.
party at night.

it seems ill have no time for sleep, whoops.

you know what they say, sleep is for the weak anyhow.

stay lovely, dears. <3


  1. It sounds like a good plan...except sleep
    may be better than party every night.
    Good Luck with your plan.
    Love Joan and Joann

  2. looks like the plan i make everyday and then destroy every evening. but you're better. so go do it.

  3. it's not easy being a multisided person & eventually they always get caught.
    if you be yourself you will learn to love yourself a lot more!
    stay safe<3