Monday, February 6, 2012

well, hello there.

its been a while,
and i keep going from eating a lot or not eating anything.
hopefully today i wont eat a thing.
but i have a substance to help with that...

i had a crazy weekend.
friday, i came to this club tripping.
we ended up finding coke, weed, and e.
and i had some e. weird shit.
and then i went to work saturday morning at 10 am still spun.
got off at 3pm, and passed out till 10 am sunday.
fucking crazy, right?

well, im hoping for a good sucessful day.
for some reason, i was happy with my body this morning... who knows why.
i ate so fucking much yesterday.

ill see you guys later. c:


  1. i hope today goes well for you! stay strong, xo.

  2. oh that does sound like a crazy weekend. do be careful, love.