Saturday, January 21, 2012

i binge when im irritated or bored.

wednesday: i fasted.
thursday: i think my total came out to be 920.
friday: hella binge.

i skipped school yesterday. i slept over at my friend kyle's with tyler, and when i got up i was like... damn i have a pep rally and two quizzes im not ready for... fuck it.

tyler and i got into an argument yesterday though. ive been in a bad mood recently because ive been more aware of my expanded size, and i cant really tell him that. I want to tell him something, but i dont want him to be aware of anything.
actually, ive decided. once i reach 110, ill tell him. maybe.

so far ive had a large side of mixed veggies (~70) and a fortune cookie (~32) from panda express and a bit of yogurt at work (~20). so before noon, a total of 122.

im not eating again until after work, so around 4.

good luck with everything, everyone. i will comment as i work and when i get off. PROMISE.

im hoping for a good day, but at the moment i have to open the store in like... 7 minutes. so bye for now. c:


  1. ugh sorry about the binge. but the new boy sounds very nice. hope today was good!

  2. I binged all weekend. Ugh.
    I've also been in a bad/depressed mood lately because I have gained so much weight. I actually cried in front of my gf a week or so ago bc I was so depressed about it but I couldn't tell her why I was being like that. I can't just be like "oh I'm sad because I'm fat, but still continue to eat"

  3. New boy sounds delightful sweetie, hope it all goes well from now on! Take Care xox