Thursday, January 12, 2012

fruits and veggies day

so far has been okay, but i know when im at home, i eat out of boredom. so im trying not to do that, but ive been out of habit for a while.
the first three days of school were alright. i got work release which means i get out of school at 1230. which is awesome.
on monday night my mom and i had a huge stupid argument and i ended up taking too many antidepressants (stupid) and tyler took care of me all night. which was awesome.
did i mention i have a new boyfriend? yeah... not that exciting, but hes a big part of my life, and i tend to talk about him a lot more than i intend to, so just putting that out there so you know.

and i know im not doing my part in commenting. i will soon! PINKY PROMISE!

i love all of you that are still here, and those who arent. <3


  1. Oh darling, do be careful with the anti-depressants. I know how easy it is to slip a few more little white pills down than recommended; I know how tempting, even, sometimes.
    But do be careful. We love you.
    And we believe in you.

  2. a new bf how sweet! i hope your week gets better

  3. Don't worry, I'm a little lax on commenting too, I think this is my first on yours so... Hi =D
    I boredom eat too =S The bane of my existence =[ Congrats on the new bf =D that's awesome.

  4. oooh new boy? can't wait to hear about it!

    i need to stop binging too. it's so hard to break habit! good luck :)