Tuesday, January 3, 2012


i have no idea how much i weigh.
and i understand if half of my followers have disappeared.
but if youre still there. comment, so i can read your blog too. c:

everything is going alright in general life.
ive just been smoking a lot, and therefore, eating a lot.
and not caring i guess.
it used to be evened out by molly binges...
but im not doing any more molly for a bit.

oh, p.s. ive become quite the druggie. :P

but other than that, nothings changed. im just little [huge] ole me.

hope everyone has a lovely day.


  1. Hey :) welcome back! If you're anything like me it's always hard to return knowing you've gained, maintained, or just flunked out of 'the lifestyle' for a bit. So big-ups for the courage. x

  2. I find all drugs eventually make me fatter :( Because I tend to have to eat something during the comedown to feel better, even when the idea of food makes me feel like puking (STIMULANTS!) so I ruin a lot of fasts this way :(

    Anyways, welcome back! You've been missed.


  3. Missed you girl! Glad to have you back :)

  4. i just came back to my blog too, haha

  5. I missed you more than I can even say.

  6. Drugs should be done in one's misspent youth, an old druggie is just sad! Kidding! Nice to hear from you again! :) ♥

  7. heyyyy im so glad i checked back and this time you were here!! hope the whole festive season went well for you hunni. I have been all over the place blog post wise and so there might only be a few posts there for you to read but do stop by. New year so im upping my commitment levels :)


  8. So glad you're back! I missed you x And nobody can say they've had a productive youth unless they've done drugs ;) stay safe xx

  9. Well I've sort of become a druggie as well :P
    So yeah, I wanted to say welcome back and stuff! :)

    ~ Meg