Thursday, October 6, 2011

"i am going to do this"

the mantra repeated in my head over and over as i drove home from a disappointing ballet class at the georgia ballet. not disapointing on my end, but theirs.

i worked my first shift at tcby, frozen yogurt, on tuesday. my manager was cool, and so was my coworker.

my weight sucks. but like i said... im going to do this.

intake today: 140 cal
exercise: -740 cal.

this past weekend i went camping. lets just say it was cold but fun.
my friend sierra pretended i was a model and took pictures of me all weekend. you can see them in the "my eyes" tab. or click here.

heres the rest of my week in sparknotes version.
thursday: school, meeting with my counselor about college, dance
friday: school, poetry club, some folk concert
saturday: work, movie marathon, etc.
sunday: work and idk. haha.

so far i have applied to one college. im looking into dance programs. im thinking... a lot. im going to fucking live this life. i only have one, and god damn it, im gonna live it (while slowly withering away into nothing.... of course).

have a lovely day girls!


  1. "I'm going to fucking live this life" .....thank you sooooo much for that!! It gives me so much hope and inspiration.


  2. i love that! keep your fire, love!

  3. Those pictures of you are wicked pretty, you have lovely hair especially, stay strong and good luck in getting into college xx

  4. You are unbelievably beautiful.

    Holy shit.

  5. You can do anything, you can be anything.
    But gorgeous, you already are.
    I'm thinking of you, beautiful girl. Your photos are stunning.

  6. Sounds like life is going pretty well for you, my dear.
    I hope it continues to be that way. :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  7. Where've you gone? I miss you x