Wednesday, August 31, 2011

im in an open relationship with a selfish bitch.

i love her, and i hate her.
and we all know her.

+ my weight is finally going down.
- my computer broke.
+ pregnancy scare aborted.
- school fucking sucks... already.
- im tired.
- im still fat.
+ i can visibly see myself getting smaller.

i dont know if i mentioned in my last post, but i am now officially vegan. (dont tell the vegan police that i had frozen yogurt today.) it really helps me with calorie cutting. because i see no purpose in eating bread because i have nothing to put on it... unless i have hummus, hummus will be my diets worst nightmare now. which is actually really funny.

but my ana buddy and i are fasting until friday so i hope i can stick through that.

i had a bit of a pregnancy scare from saturday until today. but thankfully i dont, because andy is a douche and although i still care i guess, i dont want to be associated with him in any time of relationship, friendship or otherwise.

i dont know which i prefer. being numb or being sad... whenever people ask me how i am, i dont know how to respond, it gets sorta irritating. sometimes i even get offended in their asking. but oh, well.

to a better tomorrow. good luck in everything you strive for.


  1. Good luck with the fasting. When people ask me how I am, I usually respond with tired. It's true and it's a good excuse for looking sad/depressed/down/ect.

  2. ahh! pregnancy scare is indeed very scary. glad you're not pregnant. but kudos on the vegan thing