Tuesday, August 2, 2011

do you believe in fate?

an uncontrollable force causing things to happen in the universe,
making people meet,
giving you new experiences.

yesterday i fell asleep at 6 when andy was getting his car,
i woke up at 830 and he had already made other plans,
yeah, i didnt see him on our two months.
i went to the gas station to get gas on my way to his house
because he was going swimming with his work friends and kinda invited me.
but as soon as i got there,
matt was there.
so i got gas and we started talking.
then other people showed up, i fed them my cookies.
although matt refused to have one because he was convinced theyd have weed in them,
oh, matthew.

in other news, im more blonde now.
i applied to a frozen yogurt place,
im 143.5 after 1200 yesterday,
im slowly going down, and i havent eating in 7.5 hours.
so im hoping to not eat today.

to all my girls out there,
stay strong and beautiful.
thank you for your comments.


  1. I really like the "don't even think about giving up" thinspo...i need to remember that. we'll get through, love :)

  2. There is definitely some huge force out there in the universe that gives us a little nudge every now and then. You can see the signs of its presence if you pay attention enough. <3

    ....then again perhaps you might not want to listen to me, as too many substances have kind of addled my brain in the region of conspiracy theories...

    Hope you're having a good week, my love!! xoxoxo

  3. great thinspo!
    don't even think about giving up. is favourite too. I totally agree with Mich,
    oh and cookies with weed yes! hahah :)
    Have a great day,
    Stay Super Strong.

  4. I'm back up to 140 and it's killing me ): <3

  5. Nice thinspo :)

    I'm jealous that you can drive while I can barely put a seatbelt on. Seriously. I need to have to worry about gas prices and broken engine parts. I need it.

    Yay for weed. Just, yay.

  6. <3 Congratulations on your two months, love.

    I hope you're happy, well, today. You deserve it.

    Love you so, so much.