Saturday, August 27, 2011

i know all of you deserve more.

than a few sporadic posts every now and then.
and you deserve a lot more than this next post.

one. andy and i broke up when i got back from my vacation. im fine now if i dont think about it, like... i think its better for me that we did... or i should say that he did, but it still hurts to know that i put all my trust in a person that said they wouldnt leave but did. im also fine for some other reasons ill mention below.

two. i now have a supplier of generic zoloft, vyvance, and dexamphetamine. i also have some lexapro from a while ago. ive been taking those. initiall, because i was sad so i took some lexapro, but school is already stressing me out and i have a shitton of work on crime and puinishment due on monday, and a huge project in environmental science due on wednesday and like 5 tests at the beginning of next week... and im freaking out just thinking about it. these pills have given me the opportunity to stop thinking about life. like, when im on them, all i think about is what i need to get done, and what i should do. i dont think about all the shit thats happened or the stressball of fucking hell most people call the possibilities of the future. so basically im numb. which works both in my favor and against me.

three. i recently completed a three day fast. 69.5 hours to be exact. i ate about 500 calories. and started another fast at 5 pm on 8.26.11. my weight is unknown because the pills also give me ridiculous dry mouth so like... yesterday, i drank like 8 water bottles and a few sodas. hella water weight. but im assuming im in the high 130s at this point, realistically.

four. i really like art. that is all.

five. im back bitchesss. (: hope all of you are doing well. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. you'll be hearing from me. thats a promise.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about you and Andy.

    All the best for your upcoming tests and projects. Hang in there, Sofia. :)

  2. sorry about you and andy :/ i hope you do well in your tests though! xo.

  3. that totally sux about ur (x)boy ,guys r lying jerks
    WOOT WOOT the girl is back!!! <3
    good luck n stay beautiful!xoxo

  4. ugh that sounds like a lot of work. sorry about the stress. and andy too, I'm sorry about you had that trust broken.
    I'm glad you're back :)

  5. Don't let some boy get you down. I promise you will find someone that will treat you right & not leave. Just takes some time and patience to find that person sometimes.

    Nice job on your 3 day fast:) I need to do a fast extremely bad!

    I'm glad you're back:)