Thursday, June 23, 2011


day twenty two: what was your lowest weight? how and why did you gain?
124.5. and binging, lots of binging.

before yesterday, i got called a hippo.
via facebook. it was awesome.

i ate one meal today, dunno how much it was but it was under 250.
im at 128 tonight.
so im going back down... yay.

almost met molly in real life today, at the mall.
that would have been cool, too bad you had to leave. :P
there always next time. haha.
went to get cpr training this morning for health.
so i didnt get to go to the gym.
i was planning on quiting smoking with my last pack with my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend.
but both the boys bought packs... and i really wanted one so....

no ones asking me questions. :( i waaannnnttt! haha.
good night girls, and good luck with everything.


  1. hey sofia! quick question: can you still view my blog? I changed my url address and I'm not sure if my followers can find me anymore? Please let me know!

    I've been night binging's awful. I need to start my job soon so I can be busy again! All I do during the day is play the Sims and eat and eat and sleep. :( You'll be back at 124.5 soon!

  2. how can someone call you a hippo. you're tinny. probably someone really jealous.

  3. You a hippo? Not bloody likely! I hope whoever posted that on Facebook gets a bad case of pubic lice! Fucker!

    I know 2 other people with cats named Monkey! Too cute! My cat, Bella also loves cake and muffins, carrot cake and banana muffins! Weido! WTF? Our kiki's are speshul!

    This last week is going to rock! Love you, Babe! <3. XXX.

  4. Psh, you, a hippo?
    Not in this lifetime, or any other one.
    You are freakin' tiny.
    People are jerks. :\
    I hope you have a fantastic day today; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  5. You are positively NOT a hippo! When I was in middle school/freshman in high school this awful boy used to call me heifer. I totally know the feeling dear.

    Please keep up with your endeavors to quit smoking, you won't regret it, I promise!

  6. A hippo?
    You are tiny! && beautiful
    they must be blind

    Don't give up on kicking the smocking habit love!!!

    Stay Strong

  7. I could imagine that if you consider yourself a hippo I am quite literally a colossal squid!!!! and I'd like to hope that's not true ;) you've done so well on your weigtloss and i have caught up - finally! - on your blog posts and think your hugely awesome and nothing else lol.
    stay strong,
    please check out my blog xxxx

  8. Want me to beat them up for you?
    It's just not even true!
    I want to take up smoking again, it's only been like 2 months. I don't have any excuses to start tho.
    Try doing some sort of exercise for 6 minutes every time you want a cigarette - skipping, running on the spot, jumping jacks. You'll forget you even wanted one.
    I'm afraid I suck at questions, sorry love! xx

  9. I know how you feel! I'm also trying to quit smoking but am dreading the 10-15lbs all ex-smokers tell me they have put on. Love your blogg. Stay strong!

  10. Quite Smoking. To become perfect you need to habe a healthy body..lungs and great white teeth!!