Friday, July 22, 2011

hello ladies. confessionals.

it seems i wrote exactly a month ago...
nothing much has changed,
monotony prevails apparently.

i truly miss all of you.
im currently on my 51st hour of fasting. 137.5.
as you can see... ive gained quite a bit of weight.
this past month has been binge after binge after binge.
like, ive never eaten that much before.
i went out of my way to stuff myself until i felt as if i would burst.

but this must all change,
it is my goal to not eat junk until august 15th, the day i go back to school.
also, i would like to be 120 by then.
i understand that is a large goal.
but i will try my best, for how else is there to try?
certainly not half-heartedly.

thank you to everyone that commented on my last post.
if i wasnt a hippo then, i definitly am now. haha.

i curled my hair tonight because i never sleep when i fast,
and molly asked me to take a picture.

p.s. my hair is probably going to be blonde next week. :D

now for some actually attractive pictures...


  1. You can do it babe! I'm with you all the way! I really need to lose some serious weight. My goal is 120 also. :-) good luck!! xx

  2. You look like a little doll! Gorgeous! You're lucky, my hair only stays curly for about 30 seconds, even with setting spray! Stubborn fucker!

    Love that last photo of Shelley Mulshine. Check out her blog:

    Totally love her new look:

    Love you, Pookie. <3. XXX.

  3. You're so pretty! Also, 120 isn't TOO bad- I believe you can do it :)

  4. You've done amazing so far fasting! Keep it up! Make sure you come off the fast the right way though so you don't gain back all of the weight you lost. You should be able to at least get well into the 120s by the time school starts. 120 would be very hard to do but it could be possible. Good luck!
    You look pretty too. I made my hair curly/wavy this morning. I wish my hair was as long as yours. I'm trying to grow mine out but it grows so slowly.

  5. good luck on the fasting. you look amazing with curls. You are really beautiful. and you know 120 is a bit more than 10 Ibs in little less then a month. you'll do just fine.

  6. ah! that last pic is soooo cute! love your hair curly babydoll!

    Let's do this together. We need to get out and stay out of the 130s!! I'm stuck btwn 133-135. But I just started eating raw veggies as snacks whenever I want a snack and I can eat as much as I want. Hit me but for support babe, we're in it together :)

  7. Aw, you look so cute!
    I wish I could get my hair to curl like that.
    Best of luck with your goal; you can end up very close to it, even if you do not nail it right on the head.
    I can tell you are determined enough. :)
    You are doing really good with your fast, well done!
    Hope everything is going good for you!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  8. You can do it gorgeous!!!!!
    your doing amazing on your fast x
    Stay Strong xx

  9. ugh i hate binges. they suck. you can beat this, darling.

    and you're beautiful, btw.


  10. I love your hair curled. And I know exactly how you feel... and Read all your latest posts.. I love you so much. Stay strong, Dear.

    -Molly <3.