Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ive got some catching up to do...

im not really in a good mood anymore.
this constant fasting is making me depressed,
but it makes me happy at the same time...cw: 126. 5 [[tonight]]

day eight: your workout routine
i barely ever get to go to the gym.
but when i go its usually
20-30 minutes elliptical
15-20 minutes stationary bike
then abs on the floor.

day nine: did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?
not really, i mean...
one lady said it looked like i was disappearing
but i took that as a compliment.

day ten: what was the hardest thing you gave up during this “weight loss.”

day eleven: your favorite thinspo blog and why!
i have a lot of tumblr that i follow for their reality and relatability.

day twelve: what do you normally eat?
it definitely ranges a lot.
but right now my safe foods are: sugar free jello, sugar snap peas, carrots, apples, low calories bread, fat free butter, egg whites, air popped popcorn, sugar free pudding.

day thirteen: are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?

jeez... where to start...
i got my ears pierced by andys sister.
ive been fasting a lot recently,
and its taking a toll on my mood.
andy is fucking perfect though.
i told him everything,
but hes not gonna make me do anything i dont want to do.
but now i feel like i have to prove myself that i actually am sick.
i feel like binging, but i cant let myself do that.
i just hit my lowest weight again, and its gonna keep going down.
if i fast until wednesday at noon thatll be a new record of 60 hours.
then ill probably eat two meals that day then go back to fasting until saturday when i get my license.
p.s. still suck at parking.

i'd love to answer questions if you got them.
my boring life has been full of cars, movies, pools, and andy.
p.p.s. im getting taaannnn. haha.


  1. I wish that you'd update more frequently, your life is pretty interesting.

  2. Our workout routine seems almost identical, hahaha. But I'm too self-conscious to do my ab stuff at the gym. Congratulations on your weight loss. Stay strong, beautiful girl <3

  3. Great work on the loss, Babe! Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Hope you feel better soon. Glad things are going well with Andy! <3. XXX.

  4. Hi from a new follower!
    Great job on your weight loss, that is wonderful to hear! :)
    I am working on getting my license as well, and I definitely suck at parking too, haha!
    I am sorry to hear that you are feeling down; I really hope things begin to look up for you soon!
    I hope you have a wonderful day today; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  5. I'm so proud of you and your fasting!! and andy sounds wonderful. it's so nice to have a boy to trust!
    I totally get the "prove you're sick" thing. sometimes I feel like I'm fasting to show myself and the people who worry that I do have a problem and I'm not just making things up. which, really, seems more screwed up.
    maybe you need vitamins to lift your mood? haha idk for some reason i'm guessing at vitamins.

    I can't wait til you're at 125!!

  6. Well done on reaching your lowest weight again!!! It will only keep going down!!!! Congrats!!!!

  7. wow congrats on reaching your LW! I am jealous:( but I hope you are okay, this post kind of makes me worry about you. you don't have to prove to anyone you're sick.

    just keep hydrated at least! esp since you're fasting so much lately, take care! xoxo

  8. Just started following you, and have to say gratz on your fast and keep going strong! Don't get down, looks like things are going okay for you, like your new LW!. x

  9. Heyy, Hope you're feeling better! Congrats on reaching your LW btw! w00p licence day today! Looking forward to your post to let us know how you get on. xxx